In 23 years of experience as a psychotherapist, I've learned that the body holds many secrets of the unconscious mind and is therefore an extremely powerful resource to accessing unrecognized feelings and beliefs. Often, these unconscious feelings and beliefs are an expression of self-rejection, which is the biggest block to healing. By uncovering these and then accepting oneself for whatever feelings and thoughts one has, the process of healing can begin. In addition, the body has its own remarkable intelligence, which can be accessed through learning its gifts.
As a meditation instructor for the past 35 years, I also believe that self discovery by means of mindfulness/awareness practice is an integral part of the healing process. By learning how to identify thoughts as mere occurrence rather than immutable reality, an internal openness begins to dawn within us which changes our perspective with regard to our thought process. Thoughts are not as solid and real as we may originally believe. This endeavor can lead to an experience of greater freedom in our lives.